Novena to St. Clare of Assisi-7th Day

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The Prayer of Saint Clare of Assisi

“What you hold, may you continue to hold, what you do, may you keep doing and not stop,  but with swift pace, nible step, and feet that do not stumble so that even your walking does not raise any dust, may you go forward tranquilly, joyfully, briskly, and cautiously along the path of happiness,  trusting in no one and agreeing with no one insofar as he might want to dissuade you from pursuing your founding purpose or might place a stumbling block in your way, preventing you, in that perfection with which the Spirit of the Lord has called you, from fulfilling your vows to the Most High.” (Saint Clare)

I pray you, O most gentle Jesus, having redeemed me by baptism from original sin, so now by your Precious Blood, which is offered and received throughout the world, deliver me from all evils, past, present and to come.

By your most cruel death give me lively faith, a firm hope perfect charity, so that I may love you with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength. Make me firm and steadfast in good works and grant me perseverance in your service so that I may be able to please you always.  Amen.

Saint Clare and Quiet Prayer

[“Art. 57] In every moment of our lives priority ought to be given to that dialogue of love in which God takes the imitative, accommodating himself to our littleness and making it possible for us to know Him.”

Prayer must be a dialogue. A sharing. Our thoughts – God’s thoughts. God is of course speaking to us all the time. Sometimes in the quiet breeze and sometimes in the raging storm. Oftentimes we have fixed conceptions of how God should speak and act in our lives. What He should do and what He should not do. We have these same conceptions for ourselves and ourselves. But in our prayer, our dialogue with God we need to be open for God is full of surprises. Our relationship with God grows and develop as we allow God freedom to speak and move in our lives.

Like little children we must totally trust God to take care of us. With this confidence we can fully enjoy every minute that is gifted to us. Even in the raging storm, with Jesus seemingly asleep in the boat we can rest assured nothing is going to happen that He is not aware of.

In one part of scripture is a favorite quote of mine, “Fear is useless, what is needed is trust.” With that same kind of trust, Saint Clare moved boldly in her life. We too must hold onto that faith to meet each day with courage and even joy.

Prayer to Saint Clare of Assisi

O seraphic Saint Clare, first woman to become a disciple of the Poor Man of Assisi, you left riches and honors for a life of sacrifice and extreme poverty, obtain for us from God, we implore you, the favor we seek (mention your intention); and may we always humbly accept whatever He wills for us, completely confiding in the loving providence of our Heavenly Father.

O Seraphic Saint Clare, who, although living apart from the world, did not forget the poor and afflicted, but showed a motherly solicitude for them by sacrificing your own wealth and working many miracles in their behalf, obtain for us from God, we implore you, the favor we seek, (mention your intention); and may we also, as becomes true followers of Christ, charitably help our brothers and sisters in all their necessities, whether of soul or body.


O Seraphic Saint Clare, shining light of Italy, which you did prevent from being overrun and devastated by barbarians, obtain for us from God, we implore you, the favor we seek, (mention your intention); and may we with His help overcome the snares of a world having neither faith nor morals, maintaining in our homes true Christian peace, together with a salutary fear of God and a true devotion to the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father.

The Blessing of Saint Clare of Assisi

May Almighty God bless You!
May He look with kindness upon you with the eyes of his mercy,
and give you his peace –
May he pour forth his graces on you abundantly and in heaven –
may He place you among his saints.



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