Novena of St. Clare-Day Nine



The Prayer of Saint Clare of Assisi


“Happy, indeed, is the one permitted to share in this sacred banquet so as to be joined with all the feelings of her heart to him

Whose beauty all the blessed hosts of the heavens unceasingly admire,

Whose affection moves, whose contemplation invigorates,

Whose generosity fills,  Whose sweetness replenishes,

Whose remembrance pleasantly brings light, Whose fragrance will revive the dead,  And whose glorious vision will bless All the citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem,

Because the vision of him is the splendor of everlasting glory,

The radiance of everlasting light, and a mirror without tarnish.”

(Saint Clare)

I pray you, O most gentle Jesus, having redeemed me by baptism from original sin, so now by your Precious Blood, which is offered and received throughout the world, deliver me from all evils, past, present and to come.

By your most cruel death give me lively faith, a firm hope perfect charity, so that I may love you with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength. Make me firm and steadfast in good works and grant me perseverance in your service so that I may be able to please you always.  Amen.


Saint Clare in God’s Care

“I will always take care of you.” Saint Clare is often pictured holding the monstrance as the Saracens are attacking the walls of the Monastery. Here is the account taken from the “Legend of St. Clare.”


Once when the fury of the enemy pressed upon Assisi, a city dear to the Lord, and the army was already near its gates, the Saracens rushed upon San Damiano, entered the confines of the place and even the enclosure of the virgins. The hearts of the ladies melted with fear; their voices trembled with it, and they brought their tears to their mother. She, with an undaunted heart, ordered that she be brought, sick as she was, to the door and placed there before the enemy, while the silver pyx enclosed in ivory with the Body of the Holy of Holies was most devotedly reserved, preceded her.


When she had thoroughly prostrated herself to the Lord in prayer, she said to her Christ with tears [in her eyes]: “Look, my Lord, do you wish to deliver into the hands of pagans your defenseless servants whom You have nourished with Your own Love? Lord, I beg You, defend these Your servants whom I am not able to defend at this time.” Suddenly a voice from the mercy-seat of new grace, as if of a little child, resounded in her ears: “I will always defend you.” “My Lord,” she said, “please protect this city which for Your love sustains us.” And Christ said to her: “It will suffer afflictions, but will be defended by my protection.”

Then the virgin, raising her tear-filled face, comforted the weeping [sisters], saying: “My children, I guarantee, you will not suffer any harm. Just have confidence in Christ.” Without delay, the subdued boldness of the Saracens began immediately to be alarmed. They were driven away by the power of the one who was praying, departing in haste over those walls which they had scaled.

Today we may not be attacked by Saracens but to each of us there comes times of great troubles. Gang shootings, drugs, sickness, people who are angry with us, unemployment, loss of loved ones. In all these, let us remember that Christ in the most Blessed Sacrament will always defend us if we, like Saint Clare “just have confidence in Christ.”

Prayer to Saint Clare of Assisi

O seraphic Saint Clare, first woman to become a disciple of the Poor Man of Assisi, you left riches and honors for a life of sacrifice and extreme poverty, obtain for us from God, we implore you, the favor we seek (mention your intention); and may we always humbly accept whatever He wills for us, completely confiding in the loving providence of our Heavenly Father.

O Seraphic Saint Clare, who, although living apart from the world, did not forget the poor and afflicted, but showed a motherly solicitude for them by sacrificing your own wealth and working many miracles in their behalf, obtain for us from God, we implore you, the favor we seek, (mention your intention); and may we also, as becomes true followers of Christ, charitably help our brothers and sisters in all their necessities, whether of soul or body.

O Seraphic Saint Clare, shining light of Italy, which you did prevent from being overrun and devastated by barbarians, obtain for us from God, we implore you, the favor we seek, (mention your intention); and may we with His help overcome the snares of a world having neither faith nor morals, maintaining in our homes true Christian peace, together with a salutary fear of God and a true devotion to the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father.

The Blessing of Saint Clare of Assisi

May Almighty God bless You!
May He look with kindness upon you with the eyes of his mercy,
and give you his peace –
May he pour forth his graces on you abundantly and in heaven –
may He place you among his saints.



Novena Kindness of our Poor Clare Sisters from Spokane, Washington


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